Jen’s Journal – January 3, 2020

Day 188: Embassy Suites, Austin, TX

Sunny and warm.

Dan went into town to explore while Kelsey and Greg went in to work. Tom and I stayed back at the hotel and did laundry and many year wrapping-up tasks: address changes, credit card bills, etc. It felt good to have that work done.

We met the kids and nephew Jared from Dallas on Rainy Street. It is a happening place full of food trucks, bars, and, I’m sure, college students most of the time. The workers at Bangers encouraged us to come behind the counter and get a closer picture of the side of pork they were about to barbecue.

We took a walk back to Sixth Street, where we had been on New Year’s Day. Live music was now blasting from most of the establishments. Still we did not see many college-age people, but Tom and I were some of the oldest folks on the block!

Afterward, we talked into the night with Jared.

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