Jen’s Journal – December 19, 2019

Day 173: Port Lavaca Walmart, TX

Sunny and cool.

On our quest to become familiar with the Texas coast. We stopped at two National Wildlife Refuges today. Because of some botched navigation by copilot Jen, both refuges were a pain to get to.

San Bernard NWR has an auto tour and was cool because nobody else was there. We saw some Roseate Spoonbills. The rest of the birds we have seen before in Michigan. Still nice.

Brazoria NWR had a decent auto tour, but we didn’t see much. Snow geese were supposed to be there by now, but we didn’t see any. The alligator stayed in her den because it was cold. Lots of ducks.

So Tom says he has seen enough wildlife refuges. There are three more up the coast, but I’m okay with skipping them, if there’s nothing unique at them.

We drove up Galveston Island to the state park. We can stay on the bay side here tonight only, and were hoping to stay longer, but they are booked for the weekend. There is beach camping elsewhere, but it’s supposed to rain, and we are already uncomfortable with Arvi on the beach. We will have to figure out something else for tomorrow night.

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