Jen’s Journal – December 13, 2019

Day 167: Isla Blanca County Park, South Padre, TX

Foggy, giving way to sun, warm.

At first I didn’t care for South Padre Island. It was so humid here! By late morning the fog and humidity were gone. It became a right pleasant day!

Even Tom liked Sea Turtle Inc on the island. These folks are saving sea turtles one at a time. The turtles are mostly injured by fish nets or hooks, or being hit by boats. We saw turtles who were healing from big gashes in their shells. One got pneumonia after being stranded out of water and a cold snap happened. Sea Turtle Inc can fix that!

We found a great little Mexican restaurant that likes to cook seafood on the island. They served a different kind of salsa which is warm.

We moved north too soon, because we forgot to check the jettys where the sea turtles like to feed. The green turtles feed here, but it is the Kemps Ridley turtles that nest on South Padre. Neither did we take the time to check out Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge.

We moved on to Corpus Christi. It was dark, maybe six PM. We walked some and settled down at a Cracker Barrel for pie and ice cream, then spent the night in the parking lot behind the restaurant.

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  1. Awwwww I would love to see all those cute little sea turtles…. poor little things….. thank goodness there are people that help save them…


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