Jen’s Journal – December 12, 2019

Day 166: Lake Casa Blanca State Park, Laredo, TX

Sunny and cool.

We were driving east and south toward Brownsville and South Padre Island when we passed a Whataburger in the town of Falfurrias. So now we’ve tried the Whataburger chain! Good burgers and salads.

We were a half hour away from Brownsville when a loud SMACK on the windshield. It left a huge chip near the rear view mirror. While Tom kept driving, I called Safelite and our insurance company. Safelite was 20 minutes away in Brownsville and had time at 3 pm to repair the chip.

Now we are trying to figure out why we get so many chips. We already had three “scruffs” after having the windshield replaced in Fairbanks.

Ten minutes more down the road and I was blown away. We have been in the desert for some seven weeks and all of a sudden we are seeing boat cranes on a canal. The land is flat and very low. Now we are on a bridge crossing big water to the barrier island. The terrain changed just like that!

Tonight we are staying at a county park near a marina on a resort island. We had shrimp for dinner. I’m still in awe. I really didn’t expect the desert to give way to coast so suddenly.

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