Jen’s Journal – December 5, 2019

Day 159: Chisos Basin Campground, Big Bend NP, TX

Partly cloudy and warm. We are going east through Big Bend National Park and seeing lots of roadrunners crossing the road, and we saw lots of ringtail scat here.

We went as far as the east side of Big Bend and secured a campsite at Rio Grande Campground in the park. We did laundry and spent a lot of time talking to fellow campers, and may just have a place to stay on the Georgia coast when we get there. We learned that there were a couple bobcats at our site the previous nights, so we kept our eyes open for bobcat.

In the middle of the night (5:00 AM) the wind kicked up and we got up to bring in chairs, tablecloth and shoes. I turned on the outside light and there was a raccoon under the table.

More exciting than the raccoon was the stars. One of the best skies I’ve ever seen – in my top five. I had Tom peel back some of our window covers so we could go back to sleep looking at the stars.

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