Jen’s Journal – November 26, 2019

Day 150: Day Los Sueños de Santa Fe RV Park, NM

Snow on the ground, becoming windy.

So long, Santa Fe. We debated for a long time if we should stay, now that Arvi has been winterized. After slipping on the ice in two parking lots, we’re thinking we should go. There are just too many hills here that can have black ice.

I want to come back. I want to see Meow Wolf. I want to see all the museums. I want to see Bandelier National Monument, the Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks, Valles Caldera, and the Petroglyphs* near Albuquerque.

We were blown all the way to Roswell. The whole western USA seems to be getting blown around. This is possibly tumbleweed, or some other shrub, blowing across the open plain, until it got stuck in a fence.

The wind lessened late in the afternoon. We were busy at the library in Roswell most of the afternoon, then found a nice little burrito restaurant.

* I saw the petroglyphs in 2011 with Kelsey. I have already been to several sites on our trip, but I wanted to return so that I could share them with Tom.

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