Jen’s Journal – November 2, 2019

Day 126: Cabela Drive, San Diego, CA

Sunny and warm.

Maggie and Randy gave us a sampling of some of the San Diego communities. First we drove to Del Mar, an affluent community on the ocean where there is a very nice city park on the beach. Some people were attempting to surf there, but the waves were not all that surfable today.

We drove on to Solana Beach, another affluent, artsy type of town, where we looked at galleries containing photography, petrified wood and live-edge wood tables, and paintings.

At Oceanside we got the flavor of a military base, and trendy attire. We went to the Museum of Surfing and found it quite interesting.

For instance, there was a big write up of a young woman who lost her left arm to a shark bite, and she is still surfing and competing. And a display about the beaches in South Vietnam, and how surfing them helped the soldiers who were surfers to cope while stationed there during the war.

The last stop was Vista, where we had dee-licious tacos at the home of Maggie and Randy’s daughter and family.

This was a beautiful slice of San Diego and we got to see the Pacific Ocean again and bid it adieu.

Also, it sure beat dentist appointments two days in a row.

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