Jen’s Journal – October 26, 2019

Day 119: Hearst San Simeon State Park, CA

Sunny and warm.

I looked up some fun things to do on California’s central coast and we headed south.

We are pretty much out of groceries, so we stopped for breakfast at Linn’s Bakery and shared a bear claw with coffee. Curious, We picked up a slice of Linn’s olallieberry pie to have later.

Cambria is a very cute and touristy town. It is supposedly the only place in the USA where you can go horseback riding on Clydesdales, but we had a schedule to keep, so we didn’t check that out. Kind of sad about that.

Morro Bay is my kind of town. It is small, and there is a large free parking lot next to the Embarcadero, a walk along the harbor. Today happened to be the WitchSUP – lots of people dressed in witches garb stand-up paddling around the harbor.

Morro Bay is easily spotted by three smoke stacks from a power plant and a very mountainous rock sitting just off shore.

We walked the Embarcadero to the rock and saw a couple sea otters and shore birds. Yep, one sea otter was munching kelp not far from the SUP-ers and swimmers.

There are lots of places on the harbor to get fish and chips, my favorite meal. While we were deciding on a place to get some, a fog crept in and the clear, deep blue sky was gone in a manner of minutes. You could no longer see the big rock!

We picked up some groceries then went to CP Farms in Paso Robles, where they grow Spanish olives and lavender and make oil, lavender products and honey.

We had a nice tour and met Nick the cat, who hung out with us when everyone else left the farm. That cat is a real pal. We sat on the patio until way after dark, and when we went back inside Arvi, Nick was sitting on the rear view mirror looking for us!

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