Jen’s Journal – October 4, 2019

Day 97: Beverly Beach State Park, Oregon Coast

Sunny, sometimes.

We had an excellent day in Newport! When we were almost to Newport, we saw signs for “Outstanding Natural Area” and turned in – to Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area. At low tide there are tide pools full of sea urchins, clams and starfish. We arrived just past low tide so we walked straight to Cobblestone Beach and down 131 steps for the tide pools.

Not only did we see sea urchins and clams, we saw several harbor seals and cormorants. At the Visitor Center Tom spied a bird on the cliff. Turns out it was a peregrine falcon!

We got into Newport and ate at Local Ocean Seafoods, which Tom found on Google Maps. The catch of the day for panko breaded and grilled fish and chips was rockfish. Cooked to perfection! So was the garlic and clam chowder.

We walked through the old fishing village and heard the constant barking of sea lions. The interpretive signs said that these are male California sea lions, who only go back to California for the breeding season.

We visited Agate Beach. I never heard of this before: in the winter the sand is washed away and agates can be found among the rocks there. In the summer the waves bring the sand back (there is a lot of sand) and all the rocks are covered up.

We were supposed to check in with Tom’s cousin at Bend this evening, but it was too late in the day to begin the four-hour drive. We drove East maybe 30 miles and spent the night at Big Elk Campground.

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