Jen’s Journal – August 24, 2019

Day 56: McCarthy Road

We drove back down McCarthy Road. Tom stopped at a lake to fish, but only having a fly rod, he was unable to catch the fish at the lake. We tried another lake, but the walk to the lake became impassable due to the thick brush.

With a tip from the forest ranger in Chitina, we drove to O’Brien Creek, where some locals were dip netting the Copper River for sockeye salmon. The wind kicked up and we were getting dirt in our eyes and mouths. I wanted out of there.

Well we started back up Edgerton Highway and lo and behold in the evening sun were the Wrangell Mountains, seven of them snow-covered, just shining beautifully. I don’t think Colorado has so many snowy peaks. We spent some time looking at them, then made camp just east of there in some Bureau of Land Management property.

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