Copper Center Alaska

On route 4 from Glennallen to Valdez you could easily pass by Copper Center. Don’t miss this quick side trip. It is worth the time to visit.

Take the Old Richardson Highway and then Copper Center Loop Road.

Stop in the Bee Happy Coffee Company and have Kate pour you a cup of coffee. My coffee critic wife rated the coffee as excellent. Kate is a wealth of information about the area and the small village. The coffee shop is at Klutina Kate’s B&B.

We had breakfast here and it was over the top great.

Behind the “Bee Happy” are cute little campers painted up and ready to rent for the night.

Continuing around the “Business Loop” there are a “Dream Cruise Like” row of old truck that have seen a better day parked along the road.

At the other end of the “Loop” are some old log cabins build in the early 1900’s by Finnish Settlers.

There are several other interesting places in Copper Center that we will visit on our next visit to the area.

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