Jen’s Journal – August 15, 2019

Day 47: Kodiak, AK

Sunny and very warm.

Today was our last day on Kodiak with a vehicle. So, we took advantage of it and got up before dawn to look for bears. It worked. Down at the Buskin River, we saw a bear in the river. A Kodiak bear. It was quite a distance away and the bear saw us and bolted out of the river in the pre-dawn, but WE SAW A KODIAK BEAR.

We also saw:

7 bald eagles

4 Sitka black-tail deer

3 seals

2 rabbits

At least 2 whales

A red squirrel

Cattle and horses

Pink salmon

And the head of a gray whale on the beach. (See “Whale Head Fossil Beach”)

It was a good day. We went south of Kodiak as far as the road could take us to Fossil Beach (where we found the whale head and lots of salmonberries) then to Chiniak.

The brewery at Olds River Inn was closed again, so we found our way back to Kodiak Island Brewing Co and saw our new friend Steve again!

Full moon over Kodiak

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