Jen’s Journal – August 14, 2019

Sunny and warm.

I forgot to mention we went to the aquarium on Near Island yesterday. Check out this video of a large crab at feeding time:

We saw the resident Steller sea lions from Near Island, too.

“Stuck” in Kodiak without a car, we thought we would check out a couple museums and the brewery.

Almost to the library, an all uphill walk, we about-faced and went back down to the harbor to pick up a new Pokémon. We spent about an hour there reading the signs about commercial fishing in Alaska. So fascinating. We saw a sea otter and Steller sea lion up close. What a glorious morning.

We saw the National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center, where they had an actual skeleton from a gray whale that had beached. A woman found it, and a team had it buried so that the flesh would decompose off it, dug it up four years later, cleaned the bones well, and had a cetacean expert direct the structural display.

After all that we went to the Kodiak Island Brewing Co and made more friends. We talked to Jared and Stacey from Anchorage, who are working out a good way to visit all the national parks in Alaska, and Marian, with whom we’ve spoken three days in a row, since meeting on the ferry from Homer. Then Gary and Steve, who are long-time residents and know much about hunting and fishing and bears.

We will try some of their bear watching tips tomorrow.

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