Jen’s Journal – July 29, 2019

Day 30: Whittier, AK

Sunny, windy and cold.

First thing in the morning we took the Portage Pass trail hike. The hike began with finding an abundance of salmonberries.

It was pretty steep and a mile to the top of the pass. We stopped there and chatted with a woman from Hawaii whose family went down the second mile to Portage Lake. It was close to an hour when the family returned and reported that they were able to see where the glacier met the lake. We went 1/2 mile further and were rewarded with the glacier ending a on a blue lake and waterfalls flowing from other glaciers.

Portage Glacier

And some bushes full of blueberries.

We had lunch in Whittier then we went to a little park at a stream. Pink salmon were spawning in the stream and it fascinated me.

A family was catching fish as they entered the stream from the bay. They answered all of my questions about salmon, salmon spawning, and fish of Alaska.

Then we went to this little dive bar and chatted with Marian from Germany for an hour or so.

Last thing was making custard for all the fresh salmonberries and blueberries we picked!

Video of Portage Pass Trail Glacier overlook.

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