Jen’s Journal – July 23, 2019

Day 24: Fairbanks, AK

So the last two nights we stayed at a Harvest Host, community garden. It had a tall fence with a locking gate that we drove Arvi into. Last night I saw the biggest rhubarb plant I ever set my eyes on. The grower of said plant showed up to water it and I shared our rhubarb pie recipe with him.

This morning we had the tires on Arvi rotated.

We have learned some very important things on this trip:

1. There are no crows in Alaska, only in the lower 48, so all of the blackbirds we are seeing are ravens.

2. There are no raccoons in Alaska, so the roadkill we saw had to have been wolverines.

Was immersed in the Museum of the North for 2 1/2 hours.

We decided to go to Mile 60 on the Dalton Highway, where it crosses the Yukon. Tom could put his fishing pole in, pull out a 40 inch king salmon, then throw it back. Right now we are at Mile 11 for the night and are facing turning around. Smoke from all the forest fires is pretty bad, and apparently there is bad smoke at Mile 60.

(Note: I found out later that we were at Mile 11 of the Elliott Highway. The Dalton Highway is 53 miles up the road.)

I was almost finished with my coughing from when I got sick in April, but I’ve been coughing again. I wonder if the smoke has anything to do with it.

To be continued……

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    1. He would only throw it back if it was out of season. They have lots and lots of rules about the size salmon you can keep. It was a pipe dream, anyway.


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