Jen’s Journal – July 21, 2019

Day 22: Somewhere between Tok and Delta Junction, AK

Cloudy and cool.

Mountains to the left, Tanana River to the right.

Baked the 4 quasi-frozen scones. They were still great.

We did not stay in a BLM campground, we stayed on BLM land, where overnighting is allowed almost everywhere.

We drove to Fairbanks, had a nice lunch at a rest stop on Birch Lake, saw a moose and her calf.

We stopped at this laundromat in Fairbanks where you can get a shower. You get 15 minutes of shower for $4.75. Tom and I went together and he took his shower, then I got in. The *#%* shower fluctuated from cool to hot to constant cold. ….I didn’t use up the rest of the 15 minutes.

Before arriving in Fairbanks, we got to the end of the Alaska Highway.

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