Jen’s Journal – July 16, 2019

Day 17: Whitehorse, YT

Sunny and cool.

We checked out a fish ladder today. It turns out to be the longest wooden fish ladder in the world and only the chinook, or king, salmon make it as far as Whitehorse on the Yukon River. We missed the salmon run – we are about a month early – but it was quite an interesting thing to see.

The Alaska Highway is still similar to my earlier descriptions: woods cleared 30-50 yards either side of the road. Bright pink fireweed flowers everywhere. Saw a moose cow and calf going into the woods from the roadside. Then we saw a bear with three cubs. They came out on the road and walked down the middle of the road for a while (away from us) and scampered back off the road when cars were coming from both directions. The baby bears would scamper and trot along mama and it was a super treat to watch them.

We got to Dawson City and it looks like Disney World, if it had been abandoned ten years. The roads in town are dirt/mud and the sidewalks are boarded. Seriously cool atmosphere!

We got to see a CAN CAN show (Did I mention this is the center of the Klondike gold rush?) which was great fun. I loved Dawson City but after spending the evening here I am ready to move on.

It is 11:16 pm and still very light out. Sunset is at 12:08 am.

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