Jen’s Journal – November 28, 2019

Day 152: Brantley Lake State Park

Cloudy and cold.

Our rooftop air conditioner has been leaking after heavy rains. It was leaking last night and this morning. Tom took the inside cover off of it and looked it over and tightened the gasket today. We had to go to O’Reilly to get a torque wrench set, and he had to really tighten the gasket per specifications. We should know if the leakage was from the gasket next time we get a heavy rain.

We had been planning on Golden Corral for our Thanksgiving dinner. We thought there was one here in Carlsbad but it turns out there is not one here. Fortunately we found a restaurant at a hotel that was putting on a Thanksgiving buffet. Even though we didn’t have reservations, we were able to get in for the buffet. It was everything we hoped it would be!

We even got to see nephew Jared on national TV, working the chains at the Dallas Cowboys/Buffalo Bills game!

We streamed a couple movies using cellphone hotspot. Tomorrow a new cycle begins for our cell phone plan, so we could use up our hotspot allotment tonight.

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