Jen’s Journal – November 25, 2019

Day 149: Los Sueños de Santa Fe RV Park, NM

Sunny and cold.

The belt which charges the battery is broken. Tom saw this coming and had a spare. Problem is, he doesn’t have the tools to change it.

A reputable mechanic here can get to it tomorrow.

A mobile mechanic can do it today for $250, in a few hours.

Since the car is drivable, Tom decided to go to an auto parts shop and get the tools he needs and do the job himself.

We booked another night at this RV park for $52. We probably won’t get to see much in the area at this rate, because we need to leave town early tomorrow before the snow hits.

Tom finished installing the belt by 2 PM. We went to downtown Santa Fe and walked around the old town. I really like Santa Fe because of the old, and new, adobe buildings. It is quite an attractive town. It feels small. We don’t see any tall buildings.

There seems to be a Mexican restaurant on every block. A good looking Mexican restaurant. We ate at a restaurant called Tortilla Flats, which had really good happy hour specials, and advertised New Mexico cuisine. We were given a complementary sopapila that was fresh out of the fryer, because I asked a waiter why there was honey at every table. Boy was that yummy!

Oh yes – New Mexico is the chili pepper capital of the US.

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