Jen’s Journal – November 22, 2019

Day 146: Caballo Lake State Park, NM

Foggy and cold, turning sunny.

I walked out of Arvi this morning and was hit by the smell of creosote bushes. We learned that moisture brings out their smell, and it had been raining yesterday. We’re not sure if it rained during the night or if there was a heavy dew, since it was wet. It was clear when we went to bed. The Caballo Lake Campground is full of creosote bushes!

We explored the campground then headed for the White Sands National Monument.

White Sands National Monument has a nice visitor center with a film about the formation of the park (gypsum sand). There is a Dunes Drive through the sands and we caught the sunset ranger walk.

An enthusiastic young lady explained how the sand got there, and how the flora and fauna get water to live. Interestingly, water is three feet below the sand level.

She showed us a hole that had been dug, and there was water, three feet down!

We found a Mexican restaurant in Alamogordo using Google Maps. It turned out to be in the food court of a mall, but the sopaipilla and bread taco were both delicious.

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  1. I went to White Sands summer of 2017 and it was amazing! At quick glances it looks like snow rather than sand but it was so beautiful. We were on a mission trip on the nearby Apache reservation.


    1. I think I remember when you took that trip. It does look like snow, and I have a picture that shows where the sand was plowed, just like it was snow.


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