Jen’s Journal – October 31, 2019

Day 124: Cabela Drive, San Diego, CA

Sunny and warm.

I just spent about four hours at the dentist. All I wanted to do was get a cleaning and have them look at what I felt was a snag on one of my teeth. Well, they had to take all kinds of admittance information, photos, x-rays, blood pressure, and then talk about cleaning my teeth.

I ended up with three filling repairs. And clean teeth. But they were so nice there.

Maggie took us to two breweries in the area and we had barbecue sandwiches at one of them. Then we went back to Maggie and Randy‘s house and watched the trick-or-treaters. It was a beautiful sunny day.

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  1. You had much better weather than us for Halloween! It was snow/rain and cold all evening. Not many trick or treaters outside or people passing out candy.


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