Jen’s Journal – October 29, 2019

Day 122: Belle Campground, Joshua Tree National Park

Sunny and cool.

We walked through the Cholla Cactus Garden in the south part of Joshua Tree. These appear to be nasty cacti if you happen to lean into one. They have little barbs that hook into flesh. Interesting.

So, we sat on a couple rocks, surrounded by the cacti and ate scones and drank coffee. I know that sounds stupid but we were really careful.

I talked Tom into trying Del Taco. This chain has locations all over the west. Now we’ve tried it and that’s all I have to say about it.

We went to Julian, California, not far from San Diego, to the Julian Pie Company. We had been there previously, when Kim lived in San Diego. Their specialty is apple pie. There are orchards in the area. Tom had caramel topped Dutch apple and I had a mix of berries and apple, both à la Mode with coffee. We highly recommend this place.

Now this sounds like All About Food.

We settled at a county park for the night. There are high wind warnings tonight, but at the moment it is not windy.

These Santa Ana winds cool the desert areas east of the coastal mountains, but warm the coast up. So it is pretty chilly here: low 32°.

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