Jen’s Journal – October 22, 2019

Day 115: Pinnacles National Park

Sunny and warm. Maybe hot.

We looked for more California Condors in the morning, but since we slept in a while, we couldn’t find any. Perhaps they stop circling early in the morning. Perhaps they found some good carrion to eat earlier.

We drove through the Salinas Valley to the coast. Lots of farming, or is it ranching, goes on here. They were harvesting possibly cabbage heads at one spot. Twenty or so individuals stood in a line against a large vehicle, bending down, standing up. It looks like back breaking work. Possibly an excuse to stop eating cabbage – give those farmers, or is it ranchers, a break!

We got to the coast around Monterey and went south towards one of the state parks that allows camping. More breathtaking views along the ocean. We went to Julia Pfeiffer Burns Big Sur State Park and saw a beautiful waterfall going to the beach on the ocean. This is an iconic picture, which if you do the Highway 1 Coastal Drive, you should definitely stop and get. In April 2013, Tom and I drove much of the coastal Highway 1 with Kim, after she completed her second tour of duty in San Diego. We walked to this viewpoint then, upon Kim’s suggestion. This time, it was sunny and I think our pictures came out better.

I checked our pictures from 2013 and because of the clouds then, there was less glare from the water. Also, our angle of the falls here isn’t as good because part of the trail is now fenced off. Still gorgeous!

We are camped at the Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park Campground, different than the previously mentioned State Park, in the midst of majestic redwood trees. This is really a beautiful part of the country.

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