Jen’s Journal – October 13, 2019

Day 106: Harris Creek State Park, OR

Sunny and mild.

So this morning when I woke up at 7 AM, Tom had already been awake since 5:30, but was still lying in bed trying to get more sleep, to no avail. I reminded him that we were going to go walk the beach early in the morning and we didn’t get to that yesterday. So we took a trail down to the beach. We were the only ones around on the beach, except for some starfish that we saw clinging to rocks as the tide was coming in and splashing them more and more.

To get to the north part of the beach, where we had been earlier, we had to scramble across a long area of rocks. I can’t remember the last time I climbed over rocks like this. It was a fun adventure and Tom thanked me more than once for getting him out of bed to go.

We sadly said goodbye to Oregon and drove south, getting to California just before noon. We went to all the scenic drives through the redwoods and found we weren’t missing Oregon so much after all.

We have seen the Redwood Forest before, but it still amazes us.

We are camping in the Humboldt Redwood State Forest, with giants all around us. It is good to be alive.

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