Jen’s Journal – September 26, 2019

Day 89: Mora Campground, Olympic National Park

Drizzling, warm.

By the time we got to our chosen campground late last night it was dark and we had some trouble locating a vacant and level site. We managed. We chose this campground because the ranger yesterday said it was his favorite, and it is on the ocean by the Quileute Indian Reservation.

In the morning we woke up in a dark, dripping wet rainforest! These trees are huge!

We checked out the ocean at Rialto Beach near La Push. It felt pretty wild, with large waves breaking on the drizzly stony beach, and with lots of huge driftwood tree trunks creating a kind of break wall. Somehow that ocean felt too close to us, standing between the many driftwood logs and the large, foamy waves.

In 2009 Allie and I did a road trip in the Seattle area. Kelsey was working a summer internship for Microsoft. The three of us explored the Olympic rain forest and we took a side trip to Forks and La Push, the main locations of the “Twilight“ series. It’s been 10 years and I wanted to go back. Tom kept asking, “Why do you want to go here again?’

I explained the basics of the vampire and werewolf story to him, as we saw the vampire danger meter at a restaurant and Jacobs’s motorcycle along the road to La Push.

We also saw the burger place where we ate 10 years ago in Forks.

We did two hikes in the Olympic Rain Forest and learned how to identify a Sitka Spruce from a Douglas Fir from a Western Hemlock by the trunk. It actually got sunny after noon and we saw much blue sky through the towering trees.

Then we camped at Hoh Campground in the rain forest. We scrounged the campground for firewood and had a campfire!

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