Jen’s Journal – September 14, 2019

Day 77: Two Medicine Campground, Glacier NP, MT

Partly sunny, windy, cool.

We left the windy and rain-threatened Two Medicine Campground and checked out the Many Glacier entrance to Glacier NP. It was windier. I checked out Many Glacier Hotel there while Tom checked out a new squeak in the vehicle that we couldn’t find. The hotel was just nice. The workers wear lederhosen.

We then headed up to Waterton Lakes National Park in Canada, the sister park to Glacier NP, to see the Prince of Wales hotel. We walked to the hotel from the campground. The hotel is on a hill and it was windy there, too. We had some beer and fish and chips in the lounge while viewing the lake and valley out of the wall of windows.

On the walk back down the hill, a bushy and curving path, we passed a grizzly bear maybe 75 yards away. The bear was very busy eating berries. We were still nervous.

We also saw bighorn sheep on a rock. Fun game: see how many sheep you can find in this picture:

Waterton has a nice town in the park. This ‘designer’ waterfall was right next to the campground, also in town.

We walked through town and checked out some of the shops and restaurants. Then we turned in and listened to our book.

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