Jen’s Journal – September 2, 2019

Day 65: Juneau, AK


We camped on Douglas Island, just across the water from Juneau. Tom found Fish Creek there and put his line in at a few spots. He didn’t keep any, but took some pictures of what he caught. A young Local identified the fish as cutthroat trout. He also caught something like a mud puppy (Editor’s note: the fish was a juvenile Lingcod) but no picture.

I’m very glad we saw the Mendenhall Glacier yesterday because the weather is very wet today. We are not used to typical weather for Alaska.

We went to Sportsman’s Warehouse and Tom got two replacement shirts for the one he lost at Fort Abercrombie. Then we found the Alaskan Brewing Co, where the ubiquitous Alaskan Amber is made. Tom is sadly thinking about leaving Alaska.

We got on the AMHS ferry Columbia to Ketchikan.

Death of a Humpy

I may have already described, or you may have already heard, that when salmon re-enter the streams where they were “born” they spawn and die. Tom and I went back to the fishing hole where he caught four fish. The water was some three feet higher then it was when he caught the fish. We watched as a male humpy, or pink salmon, slowly swam to the waters edge and rolled on his back and quit. Bam, he was done. He only had slight tremors when we left him there. I was struck by this little representative of the Circle of Life.

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