Jen’s Journal – September 1, 2019

Day 64: Haines, AK

Sunny, pleasant and serene.

We found showers and a decent bakery for breakfast and ate our goodies at a roadside stop overlooking Haines.

We were at the ferry terminal at 10 and at noon pulled away from the dock and headed south for Juneau. It was a four-hour boat trip and I spent most of it outside on the front deck scouting for wildlife. I saw a sea lion, eagle, a pod of orcas, and a humpback whale. We were again surrounded by glacier-topped mountains. It was sunny and so pleasant.

Juneau was mostly cloudy. We went straight to Mendenhall Glacier since it is supposed to rain tomorrow. I don’t think we viewed Mendenhall from the Visitor Center when we were here 15 years ago. There is a big waterfall alongside that’s pretty cool, too.

On our walk back to the parking lot, there was some commotion at the boardwalk which goes over the salmon river. A black bear and two cubs were feeding on the salmon from the river. The cubs were making a lot of noise and got into a skirmish once over a fish. It made for great viewing and photos!

We went to the Red Dog Saloon in Juneau. Fifteen years ago we went there after a bike ride and brewery tour. The Red Dog is just the same inside, but the streets look nothing like I remember. We will check that out further tomorrow.

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