Jen’s Journal – August 27, 2019

Day 59: Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge

Sunny and chilly.

There were three beavers that kept some people in the campground awake last night. The beavers were chewing down trees and hauling them to the lake. One tree hit a camper as it was being felled. I didn’t get a picture until the campers in this site left.

I found a few of the beavers’ unfinished business (trees to move).

We kept driving toward Haines. We joined the Alaska Highway and crossed the border to Canada. The border guard told us the road to Haines is closed with an 8-foot mudslide covering it. Hopefully that will be cleared before we get there!

The road was one of the most beautiful drives yet – right up there with Banff and the road to Valdez. The St. Elias mountains to the right, snow covered and impressive. The colors along the road showing Autumn is arriving.

We stopped prior to our intended destination of Haines Junction, Canada, because the lake we were driving along was just too pretty. We found a spot along Kluane Lake, most likely where the original Alaska Highway was, and made camp. So pretty!

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