Jen’s Journal – August 20, 2019

Day 52: Old Valdez, AK

Cloudy and cool.

We parked at the site of the library in Old Valdez – where the city was when the earthquake of 1964 moved some buildings 30 feet and the city sank some nine feet.

In the museum in Valdez we saw all about the earthquake and how the city was subsequently moved four miles to the West, from a low area with an unstable soil composition to a solid rocky area. The museum had a scale model of old Valdez which was very detailed. I liked the lady hanging out the laundry to dry.

We saw the AMHS ferry arrive last night and this morning a Viking cruise ship was in port. We got to watch it pull out of the harbor as well.

We met a couple from Indiana who traveled nearly the same route we did and went to almost all the same places we did on our way to Alaska. Then we did our laundry and met a couple from Switzerland who had their Sprinter RV shipped from Switzerland to Halifax last year and traveled around Canada for three months, then stored it in Vancouver when they went home. They recently flew back to Vancouver and drove up to Alaska for another three-month vacation. They have traveled around Europe with the RV also. I think it got us thinking about shipping Arvi to Finland. No, it got Tom thinking about it.

The small boat harbor in Valdez is pleasant.

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