Jen’s Journal – August 12, 2019

Day 44: AMHS Ferry to Kodiak

Kodiak Island reminds me of The Shire. So green.

We want to see some Kodiak bears! But, we don’t want to see the bears. Well, we would like to see the bears from the safety of our vehicle. We checked out the Buskin River. Full of pinks,* but no bears fishing. Then we checked the American River. Beautiful clear and cold river with some pinks, but no bears. Should we be disappointed?

I also wanted to try the brewery at the end of the road, 42 miles from the town of Kodiak. We noticed there was another one half as far. Closed on Mondays.

Strike One.

So we drove to the end of the road for the next brewery. Closed.

Strike Two.

So we stopped at Rendezvous Bar on our way back to town. On the door was a sign: “Kitchen is closed on Monday. We have clam chowder and chicken wings.” Strike three?

Well that was one amazing chowder with a nice spicy zing.


*Pink salmon are also known as humpys.

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