Jen’s Journal – July 6, 2019

Day 7: Rugby, ND

Sunny and warm.

Passed a section of plains in western North Dakota where hills are in the near distance. The grassy hills have numbers made of small rocks in them so that they are visible from Highway 52. It appears to be a high school class project, as one from each year can be seen. This stretches over a few miles. Interesting. 

Tom can be lucky. He’s left behind three items and was able to recover two:

On the Tallink ferry to Estonia, he left an adapter in an outlet where we were sitting. The next day, we were on the same boat and the adapter was still there!

At Rainbow Falls he put the boot mat on the ground to wipe feet at Arvi. He must have got back in the RV at the driver door and left the mat behind.

At the laundromat last night he left his sandals to dry in the sun by the driver door. He must have gotten in Arvi at the passenger side and therefore not noticed the sandals. Well lo and behold the sandals were still there this morning! Maybe it would have been better if we hadn’t found those stinky things!

Or Tom suggests he is still downsizing…..

Spent the night at Trails Campground in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. Terrible mosquitoes. We were able to enjoy dinner on the picnic table at the site, thanks to Deep Woods Off.

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