Roadtrek Owners Is There Hope?

The other day I listened to a podcast done by that interviewed Nick Schmidt of Sunshine State RVs in Florida.  The interview gave me hope as a Roadtrek owner.

Yes our warranty and technical support from Roadtrek is gone.  Maybe a smart investor will pick up Roadtrek and put everything in order (probably wishful thinking on my part).

The interview reminded me that the reason I bought the Roadtrek in the first place was their reputation for quality and that they used high quality items in their RV’s.   

The heating system, air conditioner, refrigerator, convection microwave, roof vent, toilet and  chassis are all from very reputable suppliers.  Those all come with their warranties.  In my unit the heating system and ceiling fan both had issues that were covered under warranty by those suppliers. My hats off to Alde and Dometic. 

For Roadtrek specific items, Nick Schmidt at Sunshine State RV said that they are trying to get their hands on many of the Roadtrek items to be able to support Roadtrek RV owners.  If you have an issue with a Roadtrek item give a call, maybe they can help. My next RV may be bought from them.  We’ll see.

A friend asked me if I regretted my purchase.  At this time the jury is still out.  Time will tell.  I love the layout and the build quality of my unit.  If all goes well then I’m happy.  If not then it was a regretful purchase. #arcvtrekking

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