Jen’s Journal – September 8, 2019

Day 71: Wallace River Hatchery, Sultan, WA Raining, cool. Heading East in the Cascades, we stopped in Skykomish. A lady was walking around town blowing bubbles in the rain, and there is a tiny train you can sit on and ride around for free. We walked Leavenworth, an adorable European alpine-styled touristy town, and went... Continue Reading →

Jen’s Journal – September 7, 2019

Day 70: Bellingham, WA Cloudy and cool. AdjustmentsFrom the ferry we went straight to Kelsey and Greg’s house in Seattle to take showers and get our mail. Traffic was bustling around the neighborhood. We couldn’t park Arvi in front of the house because tree branches hang too low. Someone tried to park partially in front... Continue Reading →

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