Here we go again

Here she is, our new truck camper! Meet Clark. We have named the truck Lulu after the bear that was being chased by its bigger, mama bear in Haines, Alaska*. So we will be traveling in our rig, Lulu and Clark. Tonight will be our first night in Clark. We picked her up Friday afternoon… Continue Reading →


A bear story This morning Jen and I were taking a casual stroll to the fishing weir in Haines. Bears frequent this spot and we were on high alert looking for them. A bear crossed the road 75 yards in front of us heading towards the weir. It disappeared in the bush next to the… Continue Reading →

Jen’s Journal – August 31, 2019

Day 63: Chilkoot Lake State Park, Haines, AK Mostly sunny, cool and serene. Before breakfast, and after only one shared cup of coffee, we went back to the river where we saw the bears yesterday. We saw three more brown bears. See “A Bear Story,” a separate blog. We walked around Fort Seward in Haines…. Continue Reading →

Blog Highlights

A few months ago, when talking to (texting) Matt, a young friend of mine, he said, “Oh yeah I forgot about the blog! I will check it out.” The blog already had over 150 entries. I’m not sure how much he read, because I didn’t hear from him again. I think it was overwhelming to… Continue Reading →

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200 days and 24,774 miles

Today marks the 200th day on the road. Traveling in a 19′-5″ van for 200 days has been an adventure. The time and miles are flying by quickly. We started the day today with one of my favorites – an open faced egg sandwich. People we meet along the way often ask what is our… Continue Reading →

Jen’s Journal – August 16, 2019

Day 48: Kodiak, AK Sunny and warm. Walked to the ferry, after breakfast at Monk’s Rock. Well we didn’t see the ferry. It was docked 1 1/2 miles away because this ferry, the Kennicott, is larger that the ferry we took to Kodiak and doesn’t fit at the terminal in town. We walked by several… Continue Reading →

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