Jen’s Journal – August 7, 2019

Day 39: Ninilchik, AK

Sunny, pleasant and warm.

The fireweed is much taller than me.

A very busy day. We traveled 90 feet today, as we moved from a so-so campsite to a better one in the Ninilchik View Campground. We walked to the coffee shop, then the grocery market, then to the local pizza store. We took showers at the high school and went to the library for about an hour. The librarian needed us to leave so she could go home and look after her old dog.

We TALKED to people. The barista, who lives off the grid and doesn’t need to haul water to the house any longer, Dan the campground host, who keeps us supplied with firewood, Janice the librarian from Flint, whose dog doesn’t have many days left, and neighboring camper Rina, who told us to try a transatlantic, or repositioning cruise.

After a couple afternoon beers, we cooked some delicious double-smoked pork chops from the market that Dan recommended.

I was able to get both the Iliamna and Redoubt volcanoes in one photo!

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